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  • phase 3 open labeled randomized- doripenam vs imipenam in hospital acquired pneumonia.

  • phase 3- role of ciclesonide inhaler in mild to moderate persistent asthma.

  • phase3- formeterol + fluticasone in asthma.

  • post marketing servey- modafinil in obstructive sleep apnea.


  • critical care-

    noninvasive mechanical ventilation.

  • Pulmonology-

    obstructive sleep apnea, pulmonary function tests, interventional bonchoscopy and interstitial lung diseases.


  • 1999-2000

    tutor in tb and chest disease in karamsad.

  • 2000-2001

    tutor in KEM hospital

  • 2003-2007

    assistant professor inTB and chest at piparia medical college. 

  • 2008

    confered fellowship by the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CHEST PHYSICIAN

    Presented posters on asthma and copd at European respiratory congress.

  • 2013

    invited as a faculty at the chest conference by ACCP at CHICAGO


M.B.B.S, D.T.C.D., D.N.B., FCCP


Dr. Sonia Dalal is a pulmonologist as well as a critical care and sleep study consultant in Vadodara. She has ICU, critical care and polysomnography (Sleep Medicine) experience for 15 years.

She has taken ICU and critical care training in renowned hospitals like: KEM, HINDUJA AND BREACH CANDY Hospital in Mumbai. She has also been awarded a fellowship regarding sleep study in Australia.

After studying and acquiring experience, she started her own hospital by the name of Kalyan in June 2003 at Vadodara. She is doing consulting for various respiratory diseases as well as bronchoscopies and sleep studies for various diseases. She is also engaged with the Sterling Hospital in Vadodara as a Lung Specialist and critical care consultant.


  • 1999-2000
  • One-year senior registrar ship in the department of chest diseases at Pramukhswami medical college, Karamsad.

  • 1997-1999
  • Residency in the department of tuberculosis and chest diseases at Baroda medical college.Stood first with gold medal in the final exams.

  • 1996-1997
  • One-year compulsory rotating houseman ship at various hospitals.

  • 1991-1996
  • Bachelor of medicine and surgery at Pramukhswami medical college and hospital, Karamsad. Gold medal in final M.B.B.S in Ophthalmology.

  • 1990
  • Passed higher secondary board school examinations. Stood seventh in state board and third in district.

  • 1988
  • Passed secondary school examinations from central board.Got distinction.


  • 1996-97
  • Worked in the ICU of Pramukh swami medical college and Jamnabai hospital, Baroda.

    Took training in ventilators and management of critically ill patients like poisoning, cardiac failure, respiratory failure, burns, etc. Developed Reasonable skill for oxygen therapy, nebulization therapy and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

  • 1997 (April, May)
  • Worked in the ICU. Of the Mayo hospital as dealing with all types of emergencies, post cardiac intervention care and post operative care

  • 1997 (June- December)
  • Worked in the trauma center of the Bhailal Amin general hospital as a medical officer and was a part of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation team.

  • 1997-1999
  • Worked in the department of chest medicine as resident doing post graduation in the same.

    Developed sufficient skill and competency in the management of outdoor as well as the indoor respiratory patients. Performed various procedures like venesection, central venous cannulation, arterial cannulation, percutaneous lung and pleural biopsies, Trans tracheal aspirations, pleurocentesis and intercostals drainage of various conditions like pneumothorax, empyema, fine needle aspiration cytology of the lung and the mediastinal masses and lymph nodes.

    Developed sufficient skill in giving rational gas therapy to the patients, it’s clinical applications and trouble shootings.

  • 1999-2000

    Worked in the department of chest medicine at Karamsad medical college while getting eligible for D.N.B. in respiratory medicine

    Have developed sufficient skill in performing fibre-optic bronchoscopies; trans bronchial lung biopsies and bronchoalveolar lavage.can perform bronchoscopic intubations.

    Have attended postgraduate workshops, seminars, meetings, and journal clubs. Have actively participated in a number of clinical case presentations and discussions.

  • 2000 (August-November)
  • Worked as senior registrar in the department of chest medicine at K.E.M.  Hospital, Mumbai.

    Worked in the intensive respiratory care unit (I.R.C.U.), and acquired sufficient skill in the management of mechanically ventilated patients on volume controlled as well as pressure controlled ventilators. Also well versed with noninvasive ventilators like CPAP, BiPAP, etc.

    Has attended number of cases like:

    1. Acute respiratory distress syndrome. (A.R.D.S)
    2. Acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
    3. Acute pneumothorax.
    4. Pulmonary embolism.
    5. Respiratory failure due to neuromuscular emergencies.

    Know special applications for humidification therapy and can handle various equipments providing humidification therapy. Know the rationale and use of clinical aerosols and aerosol therapy.

  • 2000-2001(Dec-Mar)
  • Took special training in respiratory and critical care at Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai.

    Have acquired sufficient skill in the management of cardiac failure patients, patients with arrhythmias, central nervous system emergencies, diabetic emergencies and metabolic emergencies.

    Competent in performing emergency intubations and airway management.

  • 2001(Jan-Mar)
  • Took special training working as a clinical assistant in the department of respiratory medicine at the Hinduja hospital, Mumbai.

    Have developed good skill in respiratory care monitoring like:

    1. Pulse oximetry.
    2. Capnography.
    3. Transcutaneous monitoring of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
    4. Indirect calorimetry.
    5. Intra-arterial blood gas monitoring.
    6. Haemodynamic monitoring.
    7. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
    8. Heliox therapy.
    9. Nitrogen di oxide therapy.

    Competent in performing various pulmonary function tests like spirometry, analysis of lung volumes, diffusion gas studies, nitrogen wash out methods and body plethysmography.

    Can perform sleep studies for the diagnoses of various sleep disorders with auto-titration studies with CPAP. Have sufficient skill in providing various bronchial hygiene therapies, various airway clearance techniques and volume expansion therapy.

  • 2001-2002 (Sep-July)
  • Sep-Dec- worked in the department of respiratory medicine at the P.D.HINDUJA NATIONAL HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTRE as a clinical assistant.

    Jan-July worked an a clinical assistant in the critical care unit (ICU) at the same hospital.

  • 2002 JULY TILL  DATE
  • working as a private practioner ( pulmonologist, critical care consultant and sleep disorder consultant.) full time respiratory and sleep consultant at sterling hospital, Baroda.


    1. health seeking behavior among tuberculosis patients in rural Maharashtra.
    2. lung injury in tropical lung disease in India.
    3. trend of obstructive sleep apnea in Indian males.
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